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UI/UX Design Service

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. In the modern world of automated tools, software, mobile applications, and websites, user interface and user experience are among the top priorities everywhere. Even offline product manufacturers are now looking to create the best product interfaces to catch consumer’s attention and lure them to provide the best product experience. UI/UX design is the act of designing the visual and functional aspects of a product. No matter the product is hardware or software, UI/UX design is necessary for both.

Your product can be made in a good condition and it can be filled with rich ingredients but you won’t get the desired sales if you do not consider the best packaging design for it. It is also applicable to software products like applications, tools, and software. If the software doesn't come with an interactive and easy-to-use experience, then people don’t use it.

So, UI/UX design is so important in all digital approaches. If you are in need of a UI/UX design service then you are in the right place. Morentao Technologies is a professional solution to any kind of visual design requirements. We generate designs that provide the best value to your product and brand.

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Morentao Technologies

We follow rigorous internal processes to ensure quality in all the projects we are a part of. Here are some essential steps we take:

  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch


As a leading web design agency in Lagos Nigeria, we work across a variety of industries. We employ a multidimensional approach to web design and it all begins with truly understanding your business goals.


This is the stage when we create a comprehensive layouts that act as the guideline for the rest of the web design and development process. After the wireframe is approved, our UI/UX producers will translate the user experience into a beautiful and engaging design.

UI/UX Design

Using carefully curated imagery and data-driven interactive elements, we will design the website layouts that are user-friendly, appealing and providing your customer base with modern and intuitive experiences.


Following approval of the design, our Miami website development team will take the design and create a fully functional and interactive website. Our developers follow best practices in coding and always use latest tech stack when developing solutions for our clients.

Quality Assurance

Once development is complete, we test everything from website and server performance, security, compliances (ADA, GDPR, PCI, etc) and we make sure the newly designed website has a consistent user experience on all popular devices and browsers.

Project Launch

After a diligent quality assurance stage, we set a launch date for the project. In our obsession to prevent any issues, we create a project-specific “push live” check list and a “post launch” check list, to ensure a successful launch.