Privacy Policy

At Morentao Tech, a website design company in Lagos, Nigeria. We respect the privacy and usage of the personal information of the users and visitors of our website.

Additionally in this privacy statement we have explained how we collect, use and declare any information from our website’s users and visitors.

And by “personal information” we refer to the crucial information of name, address, phone, email and bank details connected with the above-stated.

As a trustworthy web design company in Lagos we are extra careful towards how your personal information is collected and used for our records .

Most noteworthy, Morentao will not sell your information to any third-party under any circumstance.

User/Visitor Consent

The user or visitor must come to an understanding to the terms of this privacy statement. As a result understanding that the personal information of the user/visitor, collected by Morentao can be shared (not sell) with the third party vendor.

Additionally, this will only happen if we feel that the third party can process your service request in a better manner. Or if it is obligatory to pass on the information of the user. Such as in order to fulfill a service requests like processing credit/debit card payments, postal mails and more.

Information you (users/visitors) provide

The information you enter can be stored with our website design company, for our records. The information you submit of your own free will to our website, is collected by us. And this information can include name, address, email address, phone, credit card and other similar information.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information collected from our website users is for the sole intention of betterment of the web services we offer to our users. And it is basically collected to complete the service request. Or to process the financial transactions or to serve you better in terms of the web services we offer.

We may also use your personal information to keep you updated of our services by sending you email newsletters. However you will have the full liberty to opt-out of these emails anytime by hitting the “unsubscribe” button in these emails. Most of all, under any circumstance we will NOT sell any of the information collected or received to any third party vendor.

IP Address of Users/Visitors

Mostly when visitors visit Morentao Tech some part of their deferential information can be collected by us. Which may include, but not limited to Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and operating address used.

Additionally for some of our services or records we may need the date and time of your visit. Hence we may also use your computer’s cookies and URL information of the sites clicked from and to Morentao Tech.

Other Sources of Collecting Personal Information

Morentao can also collect information we receive from other sources like telephone, facsimile or any other similar source. Furthermore we can then add this information to our prior collection.

Website Marketing Campaign Information

Most of all if you decide to sign up with our digital marketing company. Then the information on the website in question or on the marketing campaign will not be considered as Personal Information. Thereby we will be permissible to use that information in an unrestricted manner for marketing purpose.

To explain further, if you have signed up for our SEO program to rank higher. Then we may need to disclose your “personal information” like name, keywords, address etc. to a third party or to general public.

External Links

Our website may link to other external websites which we have created or referred to. Or if we have hosted or provided any other service in our capacity.

TBut we have no control and are not responsible for the content or any other breach in these external links. Please be advised that out Privacy Policy does NOT relate to these external links on our website.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy can be amended any time without any personal notice to the users. Therefore kindly visit this page in a timely manner to be updated of any revisions.