Residential Security CCTV

Protecting your home and property is a very high priority and we at MORENTAO understand that there are many benefits to the installation of a security camera system Phoenix and the surrounding area. MORENTAO has been installing CCTV systems and security cameras for over 6 years and we have made it our obligation to be the choice provider of installation of security systems in Africa.

We make it our number one priority to be the leading provider of state of the art security systems and keep an inventory of only the best state of the art home and commercial CCTV security cameras and video monitoring. This is done to ensure that your home or business remains adequately protected and safe. It has become essential to protect not only your business but your residence as well. We offer a variety of the most trusted security systems, which will suite almost any security need.


Commercial CCTV & Surveillance

Protect your businesses assets with eyes on your property using 24/7 surveillance in high definition video. MORENTAO CCTV has been providing quality enterprise security camera solutions and CCTV surveillance to businesses in Africa for over 8 years. Our team is comprised the top of the line security and technology professionals that make the security of your business a top priority. From our initial security consultation to the selection of your cameras and equipment, the main goal of our team will be to meet your Commercial CCTV & Surveillance goals and budget, while providing 1st in class service and installations.

After our multi-point installation and security checklist, you will have round the clock surveillance while viewing HD quality video day and night. We use only the highest quality cameras and equipment. and desktop viewing technology.